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Best VPS Hosting Services 2019: Here’s the list of some of the best VPS hosting services and companies with reviews, prices and features. VPS is the short name for virtual private server, which simulates dedicated server within shared web hosting environment. It is slightly expensive than shared hosting service but it can be a perfect option for mid-sized businesses. VPS gives you the independence and flexibility of a dedicated hosting service, but at the price of a high-end shared hosting service. Each hosting company providing VPS hosting services has been included after reviewing key factors including price, speed and reliability/up-time. You can learn about the VPS hosting packages, prices and other services each company has to offer before choosing your one for your website. Search for best VPS web hosting services in 2019 can further be narrowed down by sorting the list by starting price, most reviewed, top reviewed, popularity and more.

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Although a VPS plan is a little bit expensive than a shared package, it is worth the additional fees. In the following are several obvious advantages and convenience that VPS plans can bring you.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

Cost-effective: Unlike shared hosting, the VPS is the mini version of dedicated server but cost alot less. You are allocated RAM, Storage, CPU without any worry about interference from neighboring accounts.

Security: VPS plans are equipped with the high level of security guarantee. Besides, as customers have their own independent server space, it becomes more difficult for hackers or malicious users to approach private files and damage security.

Controllability: Every VPS user has full root access to virtual servers having control over the software and framework being used. In addition, an unmanaged plan can even let you choose control panel of your choice.

Performance: When utilizing a shared server, hosting companies may oversell the resources. As a result, uptime and speed can’t be guaranteed. Even if a hosting company doesn’t oversell the resources, it is very possible that someone overuses the resources on shared server and cause long downtime and low speed to your website. However, if you choose a VPS plan, the problem will no longer exist.

Scalability and Flexibility: You can add additional power to your machine whenever you expect more visitors and popularity. RAM, CPU and even storage can be increased as the demand grows.

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