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Best Free Web Hosting Sites 2019: Here’s the list of some of the best free web hosting sites where you can host your blog or website absolutely free without any monthly fee. While there are many companies that offer such service, its hard to find a quality free web hosting company with decent features. While the free web hosting package can’t compete with a premium package, it must be noted that its easier than ever to upgrade from a free hosting package to a cheap shared hosting package with just few clicks. Below is the complete list of best free web hosting sites in 2019 that you can further sort by features, most reviewed, top reviewed, popularity and more.

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Why Choose Free Hosting?

For starters with no experience in the website building, hosting and running a website, the free web hosting is a good option to start with. Since it takes time (several months at time to get traffic flowing), you dont need to pay any fee during this time. It will help you settle and you will have the choice to upgrade to paid hosting packages any time you wish as you grow. The upgrade is usually hassle-free since many web hosting companies that offer free hosting has paid shared hosting packages, VPS or cloud based hosting.

Free Web Hosting Features

Several companies now offer decent amount of services and features with free hosting packages. While the resources can feel limited for established websites, any website with little to no traffic (who are in the early stage) will find these features more than enough to operate without any major issue. Some features that are being offered by these companies may include:

  • Free Unlimited Web Hosting
  • Free SSL certificates
  • No ads on Your Website
  • Free WordPress Hosting
  • Free PHP Hosting
  • 24/7 Live Support

Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

One of the most hated disadvantage of free web hosting is that some companies offer the service with ads. You have to allow their ads on your website to be able to use their free service. The up-time and speed is also very limiting in some instances, a total turn-off that will make you go away from the free hosting to some sort of paid services.

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