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Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services 2019

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services 2019: Here’s the list of some of the best dedicated server hosting services and companies with reviews, pricing and features. Dedicated servers are not cheap and finding a good hosting company where you can lease or get a dedicated server with a decent price and specifications can be time consuming. This is why Hostingpedia has made it easier for users like yourself to choose from the recommended hosting companies. With over a decade of experience dealing with multiple web hosting companies, we know exactly how we can make it easier for you to choose from the following list of dedicated servers companies. You can learn about all the different hosting packages, pricing and other services each company has to offer before choosing one for your website. Below is the complete list of best dedicated server hosting services in 2019 that you can further sort by starting price, most reviewed, top reviewed, popularity and more.

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What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated Server hosting provides you with your own dedicated hosting environment where you are in full control of the server and its operations. It lets you make configuration changes that you see fit and install any applications or components that you need in order for your website to be able to function properly. You can customize your server hardware specs, choose your preferred operating system and upgrade network connectivity, memory, SSD etc.

When to choose Dedicated Server Hosting?

You may need to upgrade to Dedicated server hosting if you are already on VPS plan or cloud server and having consistent issues with downtown, CPU/RAM usage or any other constraints that is affecting your growth. With upgrade to Dedicated servers, you can be assured that handling massive traffic will never be a problem again. Even though a single dedicated server can handle hundreds of thousands of visitors a day, you can add more capacity by load-balancing and adding more servers to the same setup.

Benefits of Dedicated Server hosting

Although dedicated hosting services can be fairly expensive, the benefits usually outweigh the costs. Below are some benefits that may help you decide if you need to upgrade to the next level:

Customization & Flexibility: You can customize your servers whether Linux or Windows and upgrade network connectivity, memory, SSD etc. as per your needs. With a dedicated web hosting, you can install any applications of your choice and configure RAM, hard drive, processor, and application versions as per your business requirements.

Choice of Operating System: Choose your preferred operating system whether Windows or Linux, PHP, Mysql or other application you may need for your website operations.

Increased reliability: Unlike shared hosting, dedicated servers are highly reliable with greater uptime since all resources are dedicated for your website and you can increase or decrease capacity however you wish.

Other Features that Dedicated Server hosting packages may include:

  • Customized Specifications
  • Choice of OS
  • Powerful Servers
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Control Panel
  • SSH Root Access
  • Dedicated IP
  • Data Center Choice
  • Hardware RAID
  • High Performance
  • No Setup Fee or Contract
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